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Music For Young Children    (MYC)







Music for Young Children®  is a phenomenal program designed for parents who want to introduce music to their young children. MYC® is a piano-based music program that integrates keyboard, singing & solfege, ear training activities, sight reading, creative movement, rhythm, music theory, history, composing, games and MUCH more! 

Children meet in small groups of 4 in their own age category, once a week for 1 hour accompanied by an adult (parent, grandparent or caregiver) who participates in the program.  We learn everything from keyboard playing, rhythm and beat, listening activities, music theory, history and composition and fun hands-on activities and games to teach and reinforce concepts. It’s a fun place to learn and grow! Every single child leaves music class with a smile.  It's hard to tell who has more fun in class.... the parents or the kids! Classes are offered for children ages 2.5 to 9 and typically runs from September to beginning June.


MYC®  builds a solid foundation of understanding and enjoyment in music. Singing together creates a special bond. Keyboard playing and rhythm ensembles nurtures team skills. Creative movement develops individual expressiveness. Music reading and theory are reinforced with group activities, music games and with colorful, hands-on materials. Composing integrates aural and written skills and gives children a sense of ownership.

Children learn a strong foundation in ALL aspects of music. By the time a child graduates, they are prepared to take their Conservatory Grade 1 Piano exam if so desired.


MYC® also provides a special opportunity for a parent and child to spend quality time learning music together each week. While the curriculum is geared to the age of the children, the parents learns as well!

Develop the happy habit of making music with MYC!

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                 To learn more about MYC visit:                     Take a peak at what weekly classes are all about !

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