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  " MUSIC is a language of the heart without words. "

- Shinichi Suzuki

          Located on Hamilton Mountain (near Limeridge and Upper Ottawa), PIANORAMA Music Studio offers private music lessons in both piano and violin for all ages! PIANORAMA is a warm and fun environment that nurtures budding musicians as they grow in both their learning and enjoyment of music.

Benita’s love for children and deep affection for music made it easy to decide to pursue Music For Young Children in 2015. PIANORAMA is proud to offer Music For Young Children® Music Classes for children ages 2.5 to 9! 

Benita has had many dear teachers and mentors who have each made a lasting impact on her life over the many years of music study.  Her love and passion of music propels her to teach and share this gift with others. She wishes for nothing more than to give that same life-changing experience to her students today.

PIANORAMA is convenietly located on Hamilton Mountain

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